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Heavy Duty Tall Jack Stands

Jack stands support a lifted car, truck, or any other vehicle while you do some work on it. As a safety measure, it’s ideal to use a heavy-duty jack stand to ensure no accident occurs while you perform a repair job on your heavy-duty vehicle. Whether you want to change your ride’s tires or work on its brakes, or if it’s any suspension work, having a quality heavy-duty jack stand in your workshop is ideal for lifting your vehicles and providing easy access, such as a truck, efficiently.

What Is The Difference Between Jacks And Heavy Duty Tall Jack Stands?

Jacks valuable pieces of equipment that are used to lift vehicles for various inspection and repair jobs. While powerful jacks can hold the weight of a vehicle while the work goes on, they can’t hold up on their own for an extended period of time. To prevent any accidents, you might need an extra bit of support.

There is where jack stands comes into the picture. Jack stands are not designed to lift vehicles (as jacks are), but they are built to provide support to an already raised vehicle. If you want to work on your truck or other heavy-duty vehicles for an extended period, you would need the assistance of a heavy-duty tall jack stand to get the job done. Shop one for your garage or workshop today,

The Structure Of Jack Stands

If you’re thinking of adding a jack stand to your garage, it’s good to learn about the anatomy of the equipment. If you’ve used a jack stand, you might already be familiar with the functions of each part, but it’s good to know about each component and the the oretics behind them.

There are four components of a standard jack stand: the base, the support bar, the lock mechanism or pin, and the release.


As the name suggests, this component forms the foundation of the jack stand. The base consists of a four-leg frame that keeps the stand firmly planted. Think of a pyramid.

Support Bar:

The support bar is where the jack stand and the car connects. It is a ratcheted part with a catch at the top shaped in U. This way, it stays in its position when lifted.

Locking Mechanism:

The ratcheted component is meant to ensure that the jack stand is secure in its place. Even so, many manufacturers choose to provide their jack stand with an additional safety net or failsafe. Usually, this is done by adding a pin into the system that runs through the support bar. It could also be placed against the ratchet teeth of the support bar.


The release is used to let go of the ratcheting mechanism of the support bar and enable it to be lowered when the work comes to a close. With the four components working in tandem, you’d be able to perform vehicle repair jobs efficiently. Jack stands are distinguished based on their locking mechanism, between ratchet, pin, and screw.

While buying a jack stand, make sure that you get the one that would be able to support the weight of the vehicle of your choice. You would naturally need a heavy-duty jack stand for heavy-duty vehicles that can sustain their weight for an extended period without failing.

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