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A quality combination spanner offers versatility and reliability on every project, along with the flexibility to work for almost every fastening you may encounter. They are proactical and effective in most situations. A valuable addition to any toolkit, a combination wrench set give you the means to deal with most regular fastenings quickly and easily.

Our range convers all types of combination wrenches, offering high-quality, precision-made tools that are both a pleasure to use and built to last. These are tools you can rely on for years to always get the job done, even in the harshest of conditions. When your reputation is on the line, choose these superb combination spanners for peace of mind.

What is a combination spanner?

A combination spanner is one that has two heads, one at each end of the handle, each offering a different type of wrench. One end is a traditional open end spanner, ideal for most situations, while the other end is a closed or ring spanner, which offers a more uniform grip on a fastener, ideal for situations that need high torque to be applied. This is where the name combination wrench comes from, with each tool offering a combination of two styles of wrench head.

These tools are size specific, that is, both heads are precisely machined to work on the same size fasteners. Whether you need a specific size for a job you are working on, or are looking for a combination wrench set to give you a flexible array of tools for every fastener you may come across, we have the quality products you need.

Why choose a combination wrench?

Dealing with fasteners requires a range of tools. While open end spanners are suitable for most situations, where something has been overtightened, is rusted, or you need to apply high torque when tightening, the closed, or ring head, offers superior grip and security.

By having both in a single tool, you always have the right version of wrench you need for any project. This has another benefit, as with a set of open-end spanners and ring spanners in a combination spanner set, you don’t need two separate wrench kits, reducing the number of wrenches and spanners needed.

The ability to quickly switch from one type of wrench head to another without having to stop and change tools can be useful, especially when working in tight areas where access is a challenge. With that in mind, a combination wrench set can form the backbone of your professional toolset, with the flexibility and performance that delivers when it matters.

Why Choose Beta Spanners?

All our tools are made with precision, so you can be sure that your spanners will fit perfectly. Made to last, they are strong and sturdy, so you can rely on them however tough the going gets. When you buy wrenches, its not just for today, you want to know they are going to last for years to come, and that is exactly what you get from Beta, the best tools you will find today.

Used by professional race teams around the world, Beta tools set new standards for quality products, they are the perfect choice for anyone that wants quality performance and robust reliability.