Single and double open end wrenches

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Single and double open-ended wrenches

When you need the right tool that won’t let you down, our open end spanner range offers precision manufacture, exceptional performance and long term reliability that you can trust. From a single open wrench to a complete open wrench set, whatever you need, you can rely on the same, consistent quality and proven performance from all our open end spanner products.

What is an open end spanner?

An open wrench is one of the most versatile tools you can have, working on most types of fastenings in almost any location. If someone asked you to draw a spanner, you would most likely draw an open end spanner. With its simple square sided jaws that are completely open, this tool allows you to engage a fastening from any angle.

The two main sides of the head are parallel, with the distance in between them the ‘size’ of the open wrench. Quality spanners are finely tooled with precise sizing to perfectly match your fastening, giving confidence in use. The open end allows these tools to be used in most situations, sliding onto the fastening from any suitable angle and providing plenty of leverage to tighten or loosen as needed.

There are two types of open end spanner, single or double end. A double end open wrench has a jaw at both ends, usually of different sizes. They offer a more compact solution for any mechanic, reducing the number of individual spanners needed.

In most cases, the spanner will have heads that are rotated around 15 degrees from the handle, as this has been found to offer the best leverage for ease of use.

What is an open-end wrench set used for?

You can use open wrenches for the majority of your spanner needs. Versatile and easy to use, tough and reliable with high performance, these spanners are your go-to tool for dealing with all types of fastenings. They can be used in most environments and situations, and only really struggle where space around the fastener is especially limited, leaving little room to turn the tool. In those cases, a ratchet spanner can come in handy.

If you are just starting out building a tool set, these wrenches should be one of the first things you add. open end wrenches will always be among the most frequently used tools you own.

Why Choose Beta open end spanners?

A Beta open wrench is a precision tool made from the very best materials. We manufacture to the highest standards of accuracy and craftsmanship. Each tool is built to deliver impressive performance in any setting, not just the day you get them, but for life.

Used by professional race teams around the world, Beta tools set new standards for quality products, they are the perfect choice for anyone that wants quality performance and robust reliability.