Beta quality wrenches & wrench sets for every application

We offer a wide range of wrenches for every application, from general work to specific applications, you can find the quality wrench you need. Whether you are looking for individual wrenches or a wrench set, you can have confidence in quality, robust tools that will get the job done today and last you for years.

Our range of spanners and wrenches includes traditional single, double and combination, adjustable, flare nut wrench tool sets, T-handle spanners for those awkward to reach areas and tubular socket wrenches for every project. With imperial spanner sets as well as pin and hook wrench sets, you can be sure that whatever the tool you need, we can help.

Why Choose Beta Spanners?

All our tools are made with precision, so you can be sure that your spanners will fit perfectly. Made to last, they are strong and sturdy, built to last however tough the going gets. When you buy wrenches, its not just for today, you want to know they are going to last for years to come, and that is exactly what you get from Beta, the best tools you will find today.

Used by professional race teams around the world, Beta tools set new standards for quality products, they are the perfect choice for anyone that wants quality performance and robust reliability.

Did you know?

While wrenches and spanner sets are designed to do the same job, tighten and loosen nuts and bolts, they are different tools. Although in some parts of the world they call everything a wrench for simplicity, there is a difference.

A spanner is a size specific tool, a spanner set will include a range of sizes, with each dedicated to a specific size of nut. In an imperial spanner set, that will be expressed in fractions of an inch, in a metric one, in millimetres. Standard sets usually cover a relatively wide range, from 3/16” to 1 ½” or similar, although you can purchase dedicated sets for more specific applications.

Wrenches offer the same functionality, but are adjustable to suit different dimension nuts. The bottom jaw can be tightened or loosened to provide a larger or smaller capacity, so you can fit any nut size perfectly using just the one tool.

Having said that, most of us use the two terms interchangeably these days, and whether you call it a spanner or a wrench set, you won’t go far wrong with a quality choice from the Beta range.

Which spanner is best?

That depends on the job. However, for precision work having a dedicated spanner set means you have a specific tool for every nut size you may encounter, and they only really work on the nuts they are designed for. A wrench is ideal for situations where you need to deal with a nut outside of your spanner sizes, for instance if you have an imperial set and a metric nut to undo, or nuts that are a lot larger or smaller than your spanners cover.

When it comes to types of spanner, they all have advantages. Open ended spanners are easy to use and the ideal choice for most applications, where closed or combination spanners can offer a more secure connection to the nut or bolt, they can only be used where there is clear access to the to of the fastening. Ratchet tools are essential if you have limited space to work, while socket and t-handles can give you more leverage to deal with the tightest of fastenings.

There is no real ‘best’ when it comes to wrenches then, and you will find you need a range of different tools to cope with every situation. However, choose Beta tools and whichever you buy, you can have confidence that it is the best tool of its type you will own.