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Long Nose Pliers

Long-nose pliers are an essential hand tool for both commercial and consumer use. These pliers are usually used by jewellery designers, artisans, electricians, other merchants, and network engineers to snip, bend or re-position wires. The long shapes allow the plier to reach small areas where the wires or cables could be bunched up and where your fingers won’t reach. They also ensure reasonable control during the cutting edge.

Wiring pliers are designed to strip, cut, and manipulate wire while terminating it. Beta Tools offer an all-inclusive range of pliers and nose pliers.

Uses Of Long Nose Pliers

Common uses include gripping, bending, and cutting small-gauge wire. The long, thin jaws allow for precise control when working with wire, especially in tight space work that includes smaller gauge work would require needle nose pliers or long rose pliers.


The primary use for pliers is gripping. After a firm hold over the object, the users can tighten or loosen bolts by gripping them, handle the object with excellent precision, and remove fasteners, like nails and pins.


The pliers can give mechanical leverage that enables the user to deliver more torque, allowing it to shape, bend or straighten metal. Professionals use them to manipulate cables and metal sheeting by twisting.


Some come with sharp blades along with the jaws. Hence, it can be used to clip, cut, and sever wires.

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