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Conical and Step Drill Bit

To choose the right conical and special drill bits and mills for your project, account for the following factors:


  • For softer metals like aluminum or brass, high-speed steel (HSS) conical/stepped bits are suitable
  • For harder metals like stainless steel or titanium, solid carbide conical bits provide better wear resistance


  • Conical drill bits for creating angled/tapered holes or deburring
  • Stepped drill bits for drilling deep or staggered diameter holes
  • Left-hand spiral bits for drilling materials that tend to grab and spin
  • Specialty bits like die sinkers for moldmaking or core drills for hole saws

Hole Requirements

  • Diameter range to match the desired hole size
  • Stepped bits for drilling multiple diameter holes in one pass
  • Conical bits for specific taper angles required


  • TiN or TiAlN coatings enhance lubricity and heat resistance for certain materials


  • Choose reputable brands like Beta Tools for consistent quality and performance

By considering the workpiece material, intended application, required hole geometry, desired coatings, and opting for quality brands, you can select the most suitable conical and specialty drill bits/mills for efficient and accurate hole-making operations.