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Dies and Die Stocks

Dies and die stocks are tools used for cutting or forming external threads on cylindrical workpieces like bolts, screws, and pipes. A die is a hardened steel tool with internal threads or grooves that match the desired thread pattern to be cut. When a cylindrical workpiece is inserted and rotated through the die, the die’s internal threads progressively cut matching external threads onto the workpiece’s surface.

Dies come in various shapes like round, hexagon, or square, and in different thread sizes/pitches to accommodate different applications. They are made from high-quality tool steels like high-speed steel (HSS) for strength and wear resistance. A die stock, also called a die holder, is a tool that securely holds the die in position and guides the workpiece through the die’s threading aperture. Die stocks typically have:

  • An adjustable mechanism to tighten and align the die
  • Guide surfaces to keep the workpiece concentric with the die
  • Handles or wrenching surfaces to apply turning force

Common die stock types include:

  • Adjustable die stocks that can accommodate different die sizes
  • Solid die nuts for holding a single die size
  • Ratcheting or hinged die stocks for threading in tight spaces

Together, dies and die stocks enable precise and efficient cutting of external threads on rods, pipes, bolts, and other cylindrical components. This is suitable across various industries like manufacturing, construction, and plumbing, but ideal for routine work with threaded cylindrical components, enabling efficient and precise external thread cutting on the job site or in the workshop