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High-precision spirit levels, various measuring ranges & sensitivities

Precision levels are an indispensable and reliable tool for mechanics and automotive professionals. The Beta Tools range of high-precision spirit levels with various measuring ranges and sensitivities are designed to bring accuracy into any job. With innovative design features coupled with superior quality materials in its construction, precision levels help you measure and work with absolute precision.


What is a precision level?

A precision level is an advanced type of spirit level featuring various measuring ranges & sensitivities for extreme accuracy. It is designed for mechanics, automotive professionals, and DIYers who need reliable instruments for precise angle measurement over long distances where traditional levels may not be able to measure accurately.

What is the difference between precision level and spirit level?

Precision levels are calibrated instruments which offer superior accuracy even when used across wide panels or surfaces making them ideal for use within workshop environments or on vehicle bodies. Their extremely sensitive dampening system makes them suitable for use no matter how rough the surface may be while traditional spirit levels may suffer from vibration interference leading to inaccurate results.