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Tap And Dies Sets

Tap and dies are metal threading tools used to create screw threads. Taps are used to make internal threads within a hole (enabling a bolt to be screwed in it), while dies are used to make external threads on the round rod. Tap and die sets are used for several purposes in manufacturing and industrial areas.

If you want to buy a suitable tap die set for your work, it’s essential to get one from popular brands. Beta Tools offer an assortment of taps and die sets of varying sizes. For the best tap die sets, check out our categories and make a pick for your next project. You can also buy other accessories from our store in Australia too.

Tap And Die Set Buying Guide

If you’re thinking of buying a tap and die set, here are a few things to consider to invest in the right product.

1. Materials:

Tap and die sets are usually made of high-speed steel (HSS), as they can be used to cut through several metals.

However, you could also find titanium and cobalt-made tap and die sets. Titanium is a hard metal, making them a good choice for these sets as it can easily cut through metals like mild steel while proving quite durable.

2. Size:

Tap and die sets feature tools of various sizes. The size number represents the thread’s outside diameters, the number of threads per inch, and the thread type, represented by a symbol. Each size is used in different applications.

Most professionals like to buy the sets for more options and general use. Use only taps dies of the right size for all your projects.

3. Type of tap and dies sets:

There are various types of tap and die sets available in the market. Straight flute, spiral flute, forming, and spiral point are four types of taps. Each type is used in various applications, and if you buy a kit, you will get taps of different types and sizes, allowing you to work on a diverse range of products with just one investment. In the sets as well, there are a few options, such as master set, basic set, and specialty set.

Some Tips For Using Tap and Die Sets

If you’re a beginner and have just started using tap and die sets, here are some tips to keep in mind to make good use of the sets you buy.

Use plenty of oil:

While cutting threads using your implements, use plenty of oil, so your new tools don’t get damaged due to the friction of the work. Once your work is done, ensure that you clean the oil on the set before storing it.

Don’t rush:

Don’t rush through the hob; take your time with the hand tools.

Purchase thread repair kits and sturdy metal case:

Thread repair kits can be used for widening the whole for the installation of the sleeve, which replaces the original thread. Consider getting these kits for your garage as well. You can buy them from any nearest hardware store. You can also purchase tap holders, sturdy metal cases, and die holders from popular brands to store your supplies.

Beta Tools

Beta Tools is a professional manufacturing company in Australia that produces some of the finest work tools in the region. We specialize in making small and big hand tools for your workshop projects.

Apart from tap and dies sets, you can buy screwdrivers, pliers, tool kits, wrenches, and other tools from our store. Connect with us to check out our stock and buy high-quality products for your garage and workshop. We vouch for the durability of your products.