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Vice Grips

Whether you’re an industry professional or a DIYer, one of the essential tools you should own are vice grips. They come with a locking feature, which is why they are often called locking pliers.

Vice grips or locking pliers are used for a range of purposes. From removing stripped bolt heads, if they are not tight enough to hold a straight end on plywood temporarily, you can use locking pliers. Hold the material shapes at the right height or space, allowing you the time to secure them. You can also use it in welding, where industry professionals would love it. If you have basic handyman skills and often work on house projects, you would find traditional locking pliers or vice grip pliers helpful.

Applications Of Vice Grip Pliers

Are you thinking of getting locking pliers? What can it do for you? You will find locking pliers valuable even if you’re not an industry professional. Here are some everyday tasks that can be accomplished with the product.


Locking pliers are designed for clamping jobs, especially ones associated with welding. Clamp jigs and other components firmly with the vice grips, and finish the work.


If you want to hold materials that you cannot hold with your hands, such as one involving heat, or small components, then vice grips would be helpful.

Pulling out nails and fasteners

There would be various scenarios where you could be required to pull out nails, rounded nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. This can be done quickly and easily if you have a good pair of locking pliers. It can draw materials using its hardened teeth and, in some designs, through the curved jaw.

Wire cutting

There is no shortage of tools for cutting wires, as there is a specialized wire cutter for the job. However, thanks to the multi-functionality of the vice grip, you can use it to sip, bend, shape, or hold wires. Use the plier as a convenient wire cutter if you still need an actual one close at hand.

Driving screws:

Another good use of a vice grip is that it can temporarily substitute a screwdriver. If you have lost your screwdriver or need one, you can use the grips to secure the bit and apply enough torque. It may not be as helpful for heavy-duty work, but it can do the trick for light jobs.

Squeezing and pressing:

Curved jaw locking pliers and some other vice grips can be trusted to exert enough force to fix or assemble specific components, such as chain links and crimping wire connectors.

Due to the multi-functionality of the vice grip, owning a pair can help you in the long run. You can use them as a temporary substitute for many tools, but only for light-duty jobs, as they are not designed for cutting or driving screws. As long as you are using it in accordance with its design, you should be able to use it for several functions.

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