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Covering a wide range of styles and sizes, our ratchet spanner tools include both socket and ring spanner type options. With individual ratchet wrench tools as well as a choice of ratchet spanner set available, whatever your gear spanner needs, we have you covered.

Made with our legendary quality and precision, our tools offer smooth operation, tight tolerances and exceptional performance. Built to last, they are the tool you need today, and the ratchet spanner you will still be looking to for years to come.

What is a ratchet spanner?

Spanners have been used for hundreds of years, and the design has been refined to be the very best it can in that time. However, while precision fit and strength all make using a standard wrench an effective way of dealing with a variety of fastenings, there is one issue.

Whether tightening or loosening a bolt, nit or other fastening, you very rarely have the space to turn a spanner through 360 degrees on the fastening. This means constantly placing the tool on the fastening, turning as far as possible, removing and repositioning and repeating the process. Its tedious and time consuming, and that is where having a ratchet spanner set makes the difference.

The ratchet mechanism on a ratchet spanner means that it will only apply force to the fastening in one direction, turn the other way and it spins freely without turning the bold, nut or whatever. What this means is you can swing the tool as far as possible in the space you have, then swing it back and repeat, without having to remove the tool from the fastening.

It is faster, easier and much less hassle, and in some situations where space is very restricted, may be the only way to deal with certain fastenings.

What is a ratchet wrench used for?

Like all wrenches and wrench sets, a ratchet wrench, or gear spanner as they are sometimes called, is used to tighten and loosen a number of fastening types, including bold heads and nuts. Ratchet wrenches offer ease of use advantages over other types of wrench, allowing the tool to be used even in confined spaces without the need to remove the tool from the fastening at any point. This makes them efficient in use, and ideal for general work where fastenings need to be installed or removed.

However, they cannot take extremely high torque loads, where a traditional ring spanner would be more suitable.

Why Choose Beta Spanners?

Precision ratchet wrenches from Beta are built to last, tools you can trust today and into the future. With smooth, reliable ratchet mechanisms, they are a pleasure to use and extremely effective. Whether a ingle head, double head or ratchet wrench set, our range of ratchet spanner tools have everything you need for the professional work environment.

Used by professional race teams around the world, Beta tools set new standards for quality products, they are the perfect choice for anyone that wants quality performance and robust reliability.