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Double open end wrenches, bright chrome-plated

Compact heads.
Torque values significantly higher than ISO 1711-1 standards



Product codeArticle mmL mmA mmA1 mmS mmStock
00055060355MP 6X76x712015,517,53,5
00055060655MP 8X98x914019,521,54,0
00055060955MP 10X1110x1115523,525,54,5
00055061255MP 12X1312x1317027,529,55,0
00055061555MP 14X1514x1518531,533,55,5
00055061855MP 16X1716x1720235,537,56,0
00055062155MP 18X1918x1922039,541,56,5
00055062455MP 20X2220x2223643,547,57,0
00055062755MP 21X2321x2324545,549,57,6
00055063055MP 24X2624x2626251,555,58,0
00055063355MP 25X2825x2827253,559,58,6
00055063655MP 27X2927x2928457,561,58,8
00055063955MP 30X3230x3229763,567,59,0

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Weight 27 g
Dimensions 135 × 45 × 30 mm
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10×11, 12×13, 14×15, 16×17, 18×19, 20×22, 21×23, 24×26, 25×28, 27×29, 30×32, 6×7, 8×9

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