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Drum brake spring pliers

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Brake spring pliers are excellent hand tools for installing and removing brake shoe retaining springs on drum brakes in cars or trucks.

If you love repairing your own vehicles, you need to have all the right tools for the projects, and brake spring pliers and similar tools are must-haves to install or remove brake shoe retaining springs in most drum brakes. They are perfect tools to own in garages and workshops for various repair jobs. Here is your guide to using ideal brake spring pliers for your work.

How To Use Brake Spring Pliers For Removing The Brake Shoes

Knowing how to use brake spring pliers to remove the brake shoe retaining springs would make vehicle repair jobs much easier, even if you are not a pro. Here is how to use brake spring pliers for the removal. Shop for the pliers for brake springs at the Beta Tools Australia store.

1. Preparation:

Before starting the actual work, it’s essential to lay the groundwork by preparing for the brake work. Start by purchasing good quality brake spring pliers from Beta Tools. Then park your car on the even ground. Remove the hubcaps from the wheels using a screwdriver or wrench. Loosen the lug nuts, use a jack to lift the vehicle, and remove the wheels.

2. Brake spring pliers:

Continue by removing the grease dust cap to expose the retaining nut. Locate the cotter pin in the retaining nut’s front and remove it, then remove the retaining nut. Proceed to examine the drum and remove it.

3. Use the brake spring pliers to remove the brake shoes:

Use your new tool to remove the return springs. Then remove the retaining rings as well, which secures the brake shoes. Proceed to pull off the brake shoe and remove the emergency brake line.

You can then replace the brake shoes using the pliers.

Tips On Using Spring Pliers

  • Keep a firm grip over the pliers while working on your car’s braking parts. A good grip would make removal and replacement jobs easier.
  • Make sure that you invest in a good pair of pliers, irrespective of how much they cost. You might not want to cut corners when it comes to this tool, as you may need it to requite often in your garage. It would also save you money on brake works as you won’t have to go to professionals to get it done.
  • Before using the spring pliers, learn how to use them properly. You can speak to a professional and gain some practical experience under supervision before venturing out on your own.
  • Avoid using the spring pliers while the parts of your car are warmed from driving. You could end up hurting yourself. Let the car and its components cool down before you begin working its braking system using the brake spring pliers.

If you’re not yet accustomed to using spring pliers, here are some tips to keep in mind to help you get well-practiced in using them.

Choose Brake Spring Pliers From Beta Tools

Choosing a pair of pliers with good customer reviews and a good average rating value is important.

Beta Tools is the best website if you’re looking to buy good quality pliers in Australia. We have a range of garage tools in stock for installation, repair, and maintenance jobs. Browse through our products to search for the exact product you are looking for. Create an account, add items that you want to the cart, and proceed to checkout and purchase the product. You can read the product description from our website, compare prices, and gather more details or further information.

The products you can buy are subject to availability. If the desired product is not available at the moment, wait for it to be brought back in stock. We offer several payment options. Order from your current location now.

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