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Electronic direct reading torque wrench for right-hand (accuracy: ±2%) and left-hand (accuracy: ±3%) tightening

Comprehensive rangeNew sizesAccuracy: ±2% right-hand tightening, ±3% left-hand tighteningReversible ratchet Right-hand and left-hand tighteningLCDUser-friendly symbols and easy to read measuring dataMeasuring units: Nm, ft.lb, in.lb, kgcmModes: peak hold/trackDual approach/stop signalGreen LEDs and, later, red ones, combined with a buzzer, inform user that set torque has been reached.Green LEDs will be on for 90% of setting torque (warning signal).Red LEDs will be on for 100% of setting torque (stop signal).Sound signalling device: buzzerEasy to setButtons allow quick, user-friendly torque wrench settings.Arrow buttons: torque selectionU/S button: measuring unit and operating mode settingC button: On-off/ResetNon-slip handleBi-material for increased comfort during usePower supply: 2 AA – 1.5V batteries (included)SIMPLE, FUNCTIONAL



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Weight 1665 g
Dimensions 475 × 125 × 65 mm
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599DGT/10X, 599DGT/20, 599DGT/30, 599DGT/6

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