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Screwdriver for slotted head screws, chrome-plated, black tip

The evolution of the screwdriver!Features:
Bi-material handle for maximum force transmission with minimum effort and optimal comfort.
The ergonomic design fits the palm of the hand perfectly.
The style and size of the tip are printed on the round cap for quick identification.
Beta’s tried and tested blades ensure unique elasticity, hardness and wear resistance, for top-end professional tools.
Chrome-plating free tip for perfect screw coupling, protected from oxidation with phosphate-coating treatment
The brand-new hole on the handle allows the screwdriver to hang for easy storage



Product codeArticleSxAxL mmL1 mmØ mmStock
0120110031201E 2,5X500,4x2,5x501462,5
0120110061201E 2,5X750,4X2,5x751662,5
0120110091201E 3X750,5x3x751713,0
0120110121201E 3X1000,5x3x1001963,0
0120110181201E 3,5X750,6x3,5X751713,5
0120110211201E 3,5X1000,6x3,5x1001963,5
0120110301201E 4X1000,8x4x1001964,0
0120110331201E 4X1250,8x4x1252214,0
0120110361201E 4X1500,8x4X1502464,0
0120110391201E 5,5X1001,0x5,5x1002095,0
0120110401201E 5,5X1251,0x5,5X1252345,0
0120110421201E 5,5X1501,0x5,5x1502595,0
0120110481201E 6,5X1001,2x6,5X1002206,0
0120110501201E 1,2x6,5x1251,2x6,5x1252346,0
0120110511201E 6,5X1501,2x6,5x1502706,0
0120110571201E 8X1501,2x8x1502828,0
0120110601201E 8X2001,2x8X2003328,0
0120110661201E 10X2001,6x10x2003329,5

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Weight 1 g
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0,4×2,5×50, 0,4X2,5×75, 0,5x3x100, 0,5x3x75, 0,6×3,5×100, 0,6×3,5X75, 0,8x4x100, 0,8x4x125, 0,8x4X150, 1,0×5,5×100, 1,0×5,5X125, 1,0×5,5×150, 1,2×6,5X100, 1,2×6,5×125, 1,2×6,5×150, 1,2x8x150, 1,2x8X200, 1,6x10x200

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