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Machine taps for clearance holes, coarse pitch threads, HSS

Straight grooves



Product codeArticleM mmL mmL1 mmStock
004280003428FP 33x0,52,75611
004280004428FP 44x0,73,46313
004280005428FP 55x0,84,97016
004280006428FP 66x14,98019
004280008428FP 88x1,256,29022
004280010428FP 1010x1,58,010024
004280012428FP 1212x1,757,011029
004280014428FP 1414x29,011030
004280016428FP 1616x29,011030
004280018428FP 1818x2,511,012534
004280020428FP 2020x2,512,014034
004280022428FP 2222x2,514,514034
004280024428FP 2424x314,516038

Additional information

Weight 7.9 g
Dimensions 150 × 60 × 25 mm
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10×1,5, 12×1,75, 14×2, 16×2, 18×2,5, 20×2,5, 22×2,5, 24×3, 3×0,5, 4×0,7, 5×0,8, 6×1, 8×1,25

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