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Hand taps, Whitworth thread made from chrome-steel

Set of 3 pieces



Product codeArticleBSW mmL mmL1 mmStock
004300031430ASW 1/81/8x402,74012
004300032430ASW 5/325/32x323,44514
004300033430ASW 3/163/16x244,34818
004300034430ASW 1/41/4x204,95022
004300035430ASW 5/165/16x184,95625
004300036430ASW 3/83/8x165,57028
004300037430ASW 7/167/16x146,27030
004300038430ASW 1/21/2x127,07532
004300039430ASW 9/169/16x129,08032
004300040430ASW 5/85/8x119,08038
004300041430ASW 3/43/4x1011,09540
004300042430ASW 7/87/8x914,510040
004300043430ASW 1"1"x816,011050

Additional information

Weight 18 g
Dimensions 150 × 60 × 30 mm
Choose option

1"x8, 1/2×12, 1/4×20, 1/8×40, 3/16×24, 3/4×10, 3/8×16, 5/16×18, 5/32×32, 5/8×11, 7/16×14, 7/8×9, 9/16×12

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